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For a limited time, as an introduction to EZ "Clean and Green" Processes Consulting Services, we are offering 1/2 off our Campground or Marina Checklist. Our consultants will offer objective insight and suggestions for improvements.

For expedited policies or procedures review, please copy and paste the following form into an email, complete the questions and return to terricarrier@ezprocesses.com with your document attached. We will reply within 2 weeks.

Name of business?

Nature of business?

Point of contact?

Phone #

# of customers served?

Purpose for improvement?

Compliance with any "standard" or "best practice"?

Time frame to complete?

Current documentation #'s (if any)? Policies, Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions?

# of employees?

# of Technical Writers?

# of Project Managers?

Do you have on staff a Process Improvement Manager?

Do you have on staff a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager?

Hours of operation?


# of outside suppliers?

# computer work stations?

# of product/service work stations?


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