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Helpful "Clean and Green" Tips

Tip # 1 - Obtain a Green Makeover

*Green Irene has over 500 Eco-Consultants nationwide.

You can utilize your local Consultant who can save you $$$ on your utilities and help reduce your Carbon Footprint.  If there is not a Consultant near you and you are a Marina or Campground, contact EZ Processes for other arrangements.


Tip # 2 - Software Tools
A lot of consulting firms will say your organization needs their software and will try to convince you to develop your processes around them.

"Best Practices" state an organization should always develop their processes FIRST, then find a software tool that can be customized to fit the organizations need.

TIPS are NEW!!!!!
EZ Processes Consulting Services will keep an archive of Tips we post on our web site. They will be here when you need them or if you miss a tip that is posted.

Check back often.

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