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Marina's, and Campground's that implement the "Clean and Green" requirements will receive Certification and a STAR through  EZ Processes acknowledging their efforts and will be authorized to use the applicable Green Boating USA or Green RVing USA logo on their company website. 

Other businesses, City, County & State Parks, Resorts, Lodging, Restaurants, and Retail Stores will be listed on our Clean and Green page.



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5 STAR Definitions:

  Basic Awareness, Some Green Actions

(There must be some proof that the facility has implemented some "Green" improvements. This may be as simple as having Recycle Bins available to their customers)


EZ Clean and Green Makeover   

EZ Clean and Green Makeovers are only available through EZ Processes Consulting Services. Campground and Marina Checklists are a combination of NOAA & EPA "Clean Marina Initiatives" items plus additional requirements specific to Campgrounds and Marinas. Baseline metrics are gathered and used for further improvements. )




Implemented 50%  EZ Processes Solutions

During an "EZ Makeover" an Action Plan is created and Recommendations for "Clean & Green" improvements are made by EZ Processes. Marinas may obtain a "Clean Marina" status through their state. If a state initiative is not available, still must comply with EPA/NOAA "Clean Marina" initiatives. Businesses/Management set priorities, which makes sense for that particular facility. 50% of the Recommendations must be implemented to obtain the 3 STAR Rating.




Implemented 75% of EZ Processes Recommendations

(Continuous Improvements, Strategic Plan to Implement additional Proven Solutions, Maintained Solutions, Annual Audits, Communications, Metrics & Reporting, Corrective & Proactive Actions must be documented and proof available)




3 Years of Maintaining Level 4 EZ Processes and/or

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum, Gold or Silver Certification or similar certification. (Some businesses that do not own the property may never be able to obtain a LEED certification, but, through EZ Processes may still be able to obtain a 5 STAR Rating. Some LEED certified buildings may or may not be certified through EZ Processes if their business operations/processes do not quality as "Green.)


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