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EZ Processes Consulting Service offers an EZ Framework of "Best Practices" customized to fit your business needs. Our experience is gathered from some of Southeast USA leading companies. We have learned most business, large or small are faced with the same "pain points" or problems.

Our customized EZ Framework can help simplify your improvement initiatives. Working with you, we will align the process improvement initiatives when and where you see fit!

EZ Processes Consulting Services has taken over 12 years of Lessons Learned from various "Best Practices" and developed the EZ Framework. 

Your customized EZ Framework, based on an assessment of your business needs, may utilize:

"Clean and Green" Initiatives - Marinas & Campgrounds

"Clean and Green Makeover" Audit Baseline

Green Business Bureau Green Certification

ISO 14001

IT Governance 

Change Management

Configuration Management

PMBOK/Product or Service Realization

CMMI, ITIL v2 & v3, Relationships, CobIT, MOF

ISO 9001  


Most of these basic principles can be applied to any type of business; software development, Marinas, Campgrounds, manufacturing or any services.


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