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Why Process Improvements?

No one likes change. Everyone runs when a new process is mentioned. But, to stay ahead of the competition and in tune with ongoing new technology, a business today must constantly look for ways to improve their business, if they want to stay in business.

Communication is KEY!

If a good communication process is at the core of a business, most changes are not quite as painful. A communication process should state why, who, what, when and where something should be done and then communicated to some form to others.

All of our EZ Processes rely on the Communication process and its relationships with other key process areas.

As a part of Green Boating USA, LLC and Green RVing USA, EZ Processes has the skills and knowledge to assist Marinas and Campgrounds achieve "Clean & Green" Certification. EZ has developed the "Green" 5 STAR  Rating System to acknowledge those Marinas who are going above and beyond the "Clean Marina" requirements in their state

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